Solutions from first piece design to medical mold and final product in disposable products for medical sector needs.

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Disposable Products

We provide medical production in accordance with GMP rules in ISO 8 Cleanroom.

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Within the scope of ISO 13845:2016 QMS trust from semi-finished to finished products with the principle of “human health first” at every point of the process.

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Perfect product and services

We work with all our strenght to ensure that every service we provide and every product we produce is perfect.

Conforms to International Standarts

We manufacture in compliance with all relevant international standarts and legal regulations.

On Time and Full Delivery

On time and as promised at every point of the supply chain.

Continuous Improvement

We research and develop every day to be better than the previous day.

We continue our investments in order to reach your goals more easily in our factory with international standarts.

We produce for you!

Let us call you.

We work and produce for you.If you want to contact us, you can leave your cell-number on contact form.Our relevant department will return you immediately.

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