About Us

Different understanding in medical production

We started our activities in Istanbul as Novotech Biomedical, where our center is still located today, with the production of disposable medical products that we mainly made for the field of in vitro diagnostics as medical device manufacturer.
By combining our production power and our business partner Özgü Kalıp’s experience in mold technologies for 45 years, we have become a pioneer in reducing the dependence on imports in the medical device industry.
We managed to attract the attention of many manufacturers in a short time by combining our experience and excitement with the understanding of continuous quality control and safe product production, which we have maintained from the first day without compromise.
We moved to our new area of ​​1.400 m2 closed area in Gebze, Kocaeli, which fulfills all the expectations of our customers with our perspective that always aims for the better with the power and energy we gained from the rapidly expanding customer portfolio.

We continue our activities in service areas such as Medical Plastic Injection, Medical Extrusion, assembly and packaging with 2 cleanrooms designed to different production needs in our factory.

Novotek Biyomedikal
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