IUD Procedure Set

IUD Intrauterine Device Procedure

NGYN® brand.

A special Disposable IUD Procedure Set for intrauterine device procedures developed with gynecologists

  • It has been specially developed for intrauterine device procedures.
  • Manufactured in accordance with 93/42/CEE Medical Device Directives and it is disposable.
  • Low investment cost alternative to sterilization costs of reusable devices
  • It protects patients against infection risks.
  • Sterilized by EO sterilization method.
Set content Qty 
Forester Pens (26 cm) 1 piece
Tenekulum ( 26 cm) 1 piece
Metal Scissors 1 piece
Vaginal Speculum (S, M, L) 3 pcs 

12*75 Test Tube

12×75 Test Tube

5 ml , transparent

Frameless Model

Non Sterile Product

High quality

Product Code Product Name qty in box Volume class
152NS0007 NOVOTEK 12*75MM 5ML PS TEST TUBE 5000 adet 32 desi IVD
152NS0008 NOVOTEK 12*75MM 5ML PP TEST TUBE 5000 adet 32 desi IVD
152NS0009 NOVOTEK 12*75MM 5ML PET  TEST TUBE 5000  adet 32 desi IVD

Coagulation Test Tubs

Coagulation test tubs’ mold design and manufacturing are produced in our facility under clean room conditions by our experienced project team. Coagulation test tubs can also be supplied in sets with semi and fully automatic shipment cassettes.